ask the pharmacist!


Through informal research, USA Drug has determined that our strongest competitive
advantage lies in the accessibility, trustworthiness and customer service of our pharmacists. How do we utilize this unique and compelling differentiation to drive customers to first try and then continue to shop USA Drug for their prescriptions?


How do we build our pharmacist's profile and get them seen as "experts" in the field of health?


We should take our advantage to the public with an on camera media campaign called "Ask the Pharmacist." Working with local television stations, we arranged for a 4-5 minute regularly schedule segment to air on their news, noon talk show or morning talk show. A pharmacist would be available to answer health question or talk about timely health related topics.

Depending on the station's needs, these segments would be live or taped. Questions would come from live call ins (on live shows) and emails (on both types).

The pharmacist would be an actual local pharmacist from one of our stores…someone that viewers could actually talk to in the store.

The stations would post these episodes on their web site, in most cases on a special page
promoting the whole program and us. Social media would promote the sites for other customers to view or to refer back.