Convenience, service, price

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How do you take a chain of 150 stores and position yourself against the trade giants
(Walgreens and CVS) and the big discounters (Walmart and Target), who have gotten into the prescription business?


Sometimes being smaller means that you can target your messages better. The only advantage that we can have is to out service the competition.

We tried to hit home three points…convenience, service and price.


We wanted to make sure that a customer did not have to wait long to get a
prescription filled. Some places would take an hour or more. We were trying to get most
prescriptions filled in 15 minutes or less. We also kept up with apps, online refill applications, and email/texts to let people know when their prescription was ready. The idea was to make it easier for people to get their medication and pick it up with very little time wasted sitting at the store waiting on their order.


Our pharmacists were available to answer questions about the customers' prescriptions. In fact we would help them with other health related questions.


Our stores would match any local competitors' prescription price including the $4 generic plans.

Our pricing would also include the OTC items. Our circulars would have 3 to 5 highly consumable items hot prices. Our regular shelf prices would be better than Walgreens and very competitive with Walmart.