creating a living brand.

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When creating Ike’s Deep Discount Drug Store, the company sought to give the customer a unique place to shop.  The customer needed to be enchanted to the point that they would come back spontaneously to shop the store.

It wasn’t just pricing to make a difference.  Presentation, from theme to inside the store, needed to give a WOW!  The store had to make the shopping experience far better than the competitions’.  We wanted to keep the store clean, well stocked and with plenty of clerks to help the customer find what they wanted.

The store needed to be a fun place to shop.  The merchandise was not the normal drug store items.  If Ike thought it would sale, he would buy it.  When Ike found a great deal, he would buy a great deal.  It would be stacked high and sold cheap.  So displays would have to be bigger than most stores…jumbo, like an elephant. Sayings on signs and ads would be witty and memorable.

We wanted to personify Ike. We like the elephant and ways you could play off of the animal...fill your trunk with savings! We liked the saying "I like Ike's," but we didn't want tobe political. So, we decided to make the store a circus theme, with the sales floor being "the stage." Ads had a circus poster look...with Ike the eleplant dressed according to the season or what was going on in Memphis.

The stage was set…It’s show time!