There Is More To It Than Just Designing Graphic Designing, Marketing, Planning, and Merchandising



Things To Consider
•Sometimes I see ads and wonder if the agency who produced it ever had any formal training in advertising, or did these people fall in love with the industry by watching Mad Men. There are standard objectives that all ads should meet. How many times have you said, "That is a great ad," but you don't remember whose ad it was? Entertainment alone does not make a good ad. A good ad stresses product benefits, arouse curiosity and provide information.
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Great ideas and great planning don't have to come from large agencies with large price tags. It comes from innovative creative thinking, sound logic, and the courage to be different.

Observing the world from a fresh perspective can help us discover new solutions to old problems.

It's about taking your business to the next level. It's about managing resources, time, and money to take advantage of your strengths and your competitions' weaknesses. The goal is to bring out your best and to show customers that they would be ABSOLUTELY NUTS not to do business with you!

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